A School Safety Officer (SSO) is civilian non-armed employee of the Los Angeles School Police Department that receive additional training and equipment enabling them to provide a safe educational environment when assigned to a school campus or other LAUSD site.  Some School Safety Officers may work at a location by themselves or with School Police Officers.  In working with the School Police, the SSO’s learn much about the duties of the Los Angeles School Police Department and as such are a very helpful aid.  Some SSO’s go on to become police officers, continuing to provide for the safety of teachers, students, and other staff members within the LAUSD.  They also participate in conjunction with School Police Officers in such programs as holiday food drives, school supply giveaways, school dedications, and many other events.


School Safety Officers not only provide safety services for grades K-12, but also for Adult Schools, Occupational Schools, and Skill Centers.  In 2004 a Parking Enforcement Unit comprised of School Safety Officers was formed to provide improved traffic safety for the Los Angeles Unified School District schools and other various facilities.  The unit helps to educate drivers of the enforcement necessity of designated parking around schools.  The Parking Enforcement Unit is also utilized to assist schools with traffic control and enforcement at such events as graduations, evacuation drills, and critical events.