• Holiday Safety Tool Kit

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  • Children

    You can help keep your school a safe place. If you see someone committing a crime, during or after school, call the Police Department at (213) 625-6631.


  • To and From School

    Walk with a parent or friends

    Stay away from strangers and especially strangers in vehicles

    Cross streets at a light or crosswalk

    Choose a safe and designated route to school

    When riding the bus, stay seated and act mature

    Be aware of everything and everyone near you

  • While at School

    Stay until dismissal - you are safer at school

    Know the rules and abide by them

    Stay away from persons on the outside of the fence

    Help us keep you safe

  • Parents

    Some of the Children Safety Tips above may require additional explanation by you.


    Have your child fingerprinted  and photographed and retain these records

    Make sure your child knows the family "secret word"

    Show your child how to dial 911 and from where

    Provide your child's school with current emergency information

    Make sure your child knows his or her full name, address, and phone number

    Make sure your child knows to stay away from strangers and to yell for help if approached

    Test your children occasionally to see if they remember the Safety Tip information you have taught them


    Crimes at schools affect taxpayers. Crimes force schools to spend money installing surveillance equipment, replacing stolen video, photography, and computer equipment, and repairing damaged doors, windows and walls. This money comes from your paycheck every month. The impact is felt more directly by students who no longer have the resources to learn with because the money lost should have been spent purchasing more and better resources for their education.  Please help us keep your schools safe. We need your input. As parents and members of the community you can make a difference in your neighborhood school. If you see any criminal or suspicous behavior occurring at or around your neighborhood schools, please call us at:

    (213) 625-6631.